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Dr. Peter Gunn
Port Rowan, Ontario

Dr. Patrick Burchfield & Dr. Greg Melton, College Station, Texas

Dr. Allan Mulandi
Conway, New Hampshire

Dr. Sean Wong
Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Mitchel Shields
Ajax, Ontario

Dr. Mark Simeone
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Dr. Jennifer Graas
Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Vineet Bhandari
Oakville, Ontario

Dr. Vlada Matytsin
Sugar Land, Texas

Dr. Tom Swanlund
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Evelyn Leach
Accokeek, Maryland

Dr. Besher Alfarra
Kemptville, Ontario

Dr. Lawrence Freedman
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Nathan Nieviadomy
Carleton Place, Ontario

Dr. Sunny Yuen
Markham, Ontario

Dr. Tasneem Rhemtulla
Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Karstan Lachman
Lethbridge, Alberta

Dr. Kal Khaled
Mississauga, Ontario

Dr. Lanny Jacob
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Luke Szott & Dr. Joey Woo
Calgary, Alberta

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How is Elite Practice Different?

Dentistry is, bluntly, overrun with consultants and coaches, training companies and trainers, and “gurus” of every sort. Dentistry attracts them like Banff attracts skiers in the winter.

Unlike ALL of Them…

I never push you to do anything I have not ACTUALLY done, and have not tested and proven in current, real-world conditions, in thriving and growing practices across North America, including my own practice.

I am currently a dentist who has actually DONE everything I teach. Not a dentist who practiced quite a few years (or decades) ago, or never practiced at all. I have real results, documented by inside the practice numbers, and as a Member, you’ll be seeing factually supported, actionable strategies – never “ideas”. NOTHING I teach was “made up” to sell to you, or swiped and re-labeled, to have something to sell. EVERY PART OF THE ELITE PRACTICE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM WAS BUILT FOR MY USE IN MY PRACTICE – to make it systems-driven, self-operating; to fuel its growth by its own engines; to make it sustainable and secure; to create a fully functioning, high performing staff; to make fast and dramatic growth manageable and affordable.

We are different, because we work with our Members like true mentors, sharing everything you need as you need it, based on your current practice reality. We don’t give you “ideas” or binders of stuff – we give you an actionable, focused path with all the blanks filled in – which is easy to do, because we have done it ourselves.

Don’t take my word for it…

I invite you to review the stories from our Members on this page and hear from them.

- Dr. Carlo

Elite Practice Members Dramatically Outperform Their Competition

The Elite Practice 2-year Statistics

Analyzing client growth year-over-year (YOY), these are the results of Elite Practices...

  • Industry average for dentistry is about 6% with last year being closer to 10% because of inflation.
  • Accross all clients, YOY growth was 14.1% over last year.
  • In the transformation program, overall average growth is 43% through the course of the program.
  • Platinum group members on average have grown 55.8% since starting the program.

What could this type of growth mean to your practice, your lifestyle, and your family?

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