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Standardized Team Training

Elite Practice is, at the core, a training company. We focus on standardized training for each team member and each role. Our program has always been built around a very robust and comprehensive online training system, but now with the pandemic, we have moved all our resources to online delivery with as-needed support by our team to ensure your team gets the greatest momentum in the shortest time.

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We are an Approved Canadian Training Provider and approved by the Academy of General Dentistry to offer CE Points for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants that are recognized by their respective regulatory body for CE Points to keep up with their Licence.

The core goal of our training program is that team members advance in their roles and take on new roles and a more comprehensive scope of work. As an example, an admin team can become a treatment coordinator or hygiene coordinator, or doctor coordinator. A non-clinical team member can become a clinical team member and vice versa.

We utilize standardized training to teach team members skills, including verbiage and communication, to perform their roles, take on new roles, and interact with patients in the dental care setting.

We also emphasize leadership training to advance team members to team lead roles, thereby increasing their value to the business and the scope of their capability and skills.

Our Marketing Director Training component allows for the business to train up a team member to become a Marketing Manager/Director and greatly increases the capacity of the practice to grow in new patient numbers and community presence.

We emphasize team training as a group for better communication and to ensure the team is on the same page, moving forward as one unit.

As part of the standardized training, we require applicants to complete workbooks for each course, and certificates are issued on completion.

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